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Case Study

International organization expands student volunteer program

Learn how we helped a small international nonprofit reach out to new national and international funders to expand their student volunteer program.

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Services for international organizations

As a nonprofit outside of the U.S., you face unique challenges. Many private funders are hesitant to give money to international causes, because they’re unsure if they’re legitimate. If you do receive funding, it can be a hassle to transfer the money into your organization’s bank account.

Access Philanthropy can help you launch a local presence to establish credibility with U.S. funders. We can also act as a fiscal representative, accepting and distributing funds on your behalf.

Jump Start: For International Nonprofits

Are you launching a new fundraising program, or want to recharge an existing one? You need our Jump Start solution. We will:

  • Assess your organization’s strengths and opportunities
  • Identify your best prospective funders
  • Recommend ways to maximize your fundraising potential, which may include opening a U.S. branch of your charity
  • Customize a plan that targets your goals and ensures tangible results
  • Help you create a communication strategy
  • Build the infrastructure necessary to sustain your development efforts

Contact us to learn more about our Jump Start solution and schedule a free phone consultation.

We also offer services à la carte:

Fiscal representation
Don’t know how to start fundraising from American foundations and corporations? Need a list of prospects? We can help you begin fundraising in the U.S. Once you receive donations, we can act as a channeling agent to ensure a safe passage of U.S. funds to your foreign account.

Access to funder databases
Discover great new funding prospects, quickly and affordably. We have detailed profiles of more than 3,100 local, regional, national and international funders. Choose from over 100 lists covering every state and a wide range of topics including arts, health, education, international, environment, children and more.

See a sample funder list

See a sample funder profile

Prospect discovery
Need help finding the right funders? We’ll provide a targeted list of solid prospects including contact information, deadlines, contact strategies, grant range, recommended approach and recommended “ask” amounts.

Board engagement
If you decide to establish a U.S. branch for your charity, it will need a local governing board. We can help you select suitable board members or train the board members of your choice.

Research services
How you are viewed in the grantmaking community? How should you be positioned? Our research provides answers to these key questions, as well as answers to questions you may not have thought to ask.

Grantwriting & proposal submission
You’ll never get a cookie-cutter grant proposal from us. Instead, you’ll receive a strong, tailor-made proposal that targets the funders most likely to support you. Need help submitting a proposal? We can compile required materials like your budget and executive bios, and make sure your proposal gets out in time.

Funder workshops
We offer over 20 different workshops to help you discover and develop relationships with prospective funders. Workshops include 100 Top U.S. Grantmakers and Working with U.S. Corporate Funders. We also can create a custom workshop on the topic of your choice.

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