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Case Study

Corporation transitions community relations program

A major Twin Cities corporation was ready to bring a key community relations program to a close, but they were unsure of the impact of ending it. Access Philanthropy provided the research data they needed to make a decision with confidence.

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Services for businesses

Doing charitable work is good for the community and good for your business. Research shows that a company’s reputation as an involved, positive force in the community can boost employee engagement, and attract the public’s loyalty—and their patronage.

At Access Philanthropy, we know the causes the public cares about. We have relationships with nonprofits, and can connect you with the organizations that align with your business or giving philosophy. We can provide a creative and customized giving program at a reasonable price.

Jump Start: For Businesses

Our all-in-one solution helps you get your charitable efforts off the ground or enhance your established program. We’ll help you find the right answers using a variety of approaches:

Assessment & strategic planning. First, we get to know your business, your goals and your values. We then develop a strategy that aligns with the community issues you care about.

Research, prospecting & selection. We do research to identify a nonprofit or community cause that’s a great fit for you. We focus on organizations with potential for long-term partnerships.

Establishing partnerships. We can broker the deal between you and your nonprofit of choice for maximum mutual benefit.

Program plan development. Once a partnership is formed, we facilitate the meetings required to set program goals.

Bringing your program to life. We establish plans and timelines, and identify the necessary steps to get your program up and running.

Marketing recommendations. We help you effectively promote the impact you have in the community. We also suggest ways to use your cause to expand your relationships with customers and vendors.

Interested in a creative, customized program at a reasonable price?

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