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“Our partnership with Access Philanthropy came at a critical juncture, as we needed to shore up our financial sustainability in order to grow our organization. Access Philanthropy provided us with an in-depth scan of the giving community as it relates to other organizations our size and with similar missions.”

—Lea Favor, Executive Director of theFred Wells Tennis & Education Center

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What’s Your Story?

Have you ever done any grantseeking?

Whether or not you received a grant, we want to know YOUR story:

  • What were your experiences like with individual funders?
  • What suggestions or tips about these funders would you offer others?
  • What could funders do to be more effective in their jobs as grantmakers?
  • What could you learn from others about specific funders?

We want to know.

We want to hear your story. That’s why we created the FunderRater, a place for grant-seekers to go to share information about funders and learn from the experiences of others. The more you know about a funder, the better your chances of successfully engaging with them, or deciding when a funder may not be right for you.

The world of philanthropy is complex. Rules and processes change. Institutional funders come and go. And the interests, perspectives, and personalities of funders vary by region, state, community, and even interest areas matter.

Philanthropy is about more than just “giving.” It’s about relationships and experiences. FunderRater is a place to learn and collaborate. To share and inform. And it’s also a place to provide constructive feedback to funders.

We all have a story. What’s yours?

Get started with FunderRater