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“Our partnership with Access Philanthropy came at a critical juncture, as we needed to shore up our financial sustainability in order to grow our organization. Access Philanthropy provided us with an in-depth scan of the giving community as it relates to other organizations our size and with similar missions.”

—Lea Favor, Executive Director of theFred Wells Tennis & Education Center

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Rating Guide


All reviews posted on FunderRater are the sole opinions of the individual reviewers. While Access Philanthropy does monitor reviews and reserves the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate for any reason, we in no way endorse any of the content provided in individual reviews.

To better understand what each rating and category means, we encourage all reviewers to read the following information about Star Ratings and Rating Categories. By registering on this site all reviewers agree to the Rules & Etiquette posted below.

Star Rating

The FunderRater operates on a 5-star rating system:

star-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-filled-sm Excellent

star-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-empty-sm Above Average

star-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-empty-smstar-empty-sm Average

star-filled-smstar-filled-smstar-empty-smstar-empty-smstar-empty-sm Below Average

star-filled-smstar-empty-smstar-empty-smstar-empty-smstar-empty-sm Needs Work

Rating Categories

Reviewers are asked to rate funder in four ways:


How do you rate the funder overall? What is your general impression?


How do you rate the communication with the funder? Were they accessible? Were they responsive? Did they use appropriate communication tools and channels in respect to their organizational size?

Clarity of Mission

How do you rate the funder’s clarity of mission? Was their mission clearly stated? Does it make sense? Do their funding guidelines, interests, and grant-making match their mission?


How do you rate the funder’s evaluation method? Was it clear what they were looking for in their application and/or process? Did the evaluation method the funder used seem fair and logical?

A Note on Anonymity

Because you registered and logged in, there is a behind-the-scenes record of your particular ratings and remarks. However, you have the choice of attaching your name in the public display section of funder reviews.

Before you complete your review, you will see a check box in which you can insist the public display of your review is marked anonymous.

We prefer to see open exchange of experiences, but we certainly understand the occasional need to remain anonymous.

Rules & Etiquette

The purpose of writing a review is to share your experience and your story with others. We encourage honest and appropriate feedback. FunderRater is intended to be a useful tool for both grant-makers and grant-seekers alike so please be civil.

Comments are monitored and any review that uses foul, derogatory, or violent language will be removed. In addition, we reserve the right to remove any review that is deemed inappropriate for any other reason not listed herein.

By registering for this site you agree to the following:

  • I have personal experience with the funder(s) I am reviewing on FunderRater;
  • I will be honest and appropriate in my review(s);
  • I will not use foul, derogatory, or violent language in my review(s);
  • I understand that it’s okay to leave negative feedback but I will do so in a constructive manner;
  • Any comment(s) or review(s) posted are my own personal opinion(s) based on actual experiences with the funder(s) I review;
  • I do not currently work for the funder(s) I review;
  • I was not and will not be paid or otherwise compensated in any way for writing review(s).

In summary, if you are fair and honest, and would make your mother proud, then we’ll all be fine.