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“As we implement our plan [from Access Philanthropy], we look forward to having their years of experience and knowledge continue to guide and support us.”

—Randy Treichel, Enterprise Director at Youth Express

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Our services

Access Philanthropy can help you:

  • Understand how best to position your organization to attract attention
  • Create the infrastructure necessary to support your philanthropic efforts
  • Expand your influence by developing the right partnerships


We can help you raise money to support your mission. Don’t have a lot to spend on fundraising or research? That’s okay—we’re affordable.

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Looking for ways to increase the impact of your foundation? Discover how best to position your organization to attract the right grant-seeking organizations.

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Let us connect you with the organizations that align with your business or giving philosophy. We can help you create a philanthropic program that fits your goals and your budget.

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Government & the Public Sector

Do you need to raise funds, but aren’t sure where to begin? We can help you create a fundraising strategy and establish lasting partnerships.

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Public & Private Schools

Are you launching a new fundraising program, or want to recharge an existing one? Let us help you make it a success.

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Access Philanthropy understands the unique challenges international nonprofits face. We can help you build local credibility to gain the funders you need.

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