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“[Access Philanthropy brings] a sense of confidence and calm coupled with an ability to understand complex systems and situations and an unfaltering patience in dealing with a range of players.  As a client I came away from each encounter with useful lessons by expert teachers.”

—Nan Skelton, Former Associate Director, Center for Democracy and Citizenship

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WK Kellogg Foundation uses geographic research to prioritize grantmaking


The WK Kellogg Foundation wanted to refocus its grantmaking priorities in four geographic centers in the U.S. To accomplish this, they first needed to know:

  • Which grantmakers are already funding in the four key areas?
  • What are they funding? 
  • What aren’t they funding? 


Keeping the client’s key questions in mind, Access Philanthropy did several database and literature searches. We also conducted interviews with funders and nonprofits in the four geographic priority areas.


WK Kellogg was astounded to learn of the primary funding interests of local grantmakers. They were surprised by what they were and weren’t funding, and how these funders were viewed by local grantseekers.

The foundation decided to establish advisory groups in each of the four geographic centers, to continually stay aware of local grantmaker and grantseeker activity.